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Welcome to Learning Loft’s Educator’s Resource page. After 20+ years of experience as a teacher and business professional in the education industry, we are proud to offer you a page that contains educational information, tips, ideas, links and more, to help you inspire those in your classroom. Please visit from time to time as we continue to update this page with new information and feedback from your peers in the education industry.

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Tip of the Week: Daily Connection

As a teacher, I would make sure that at the end of the day, my students would give me a high five good-bye. But I also realized that making sure I touched base during the day with each student was extremely important. To make sure I did, I would have my list of students and made a note next to each name. Maybe they answered a question, read to me, or we just chatted. I think interacting with each student everyday in a positive way is a win-win situation.

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Did you know?

The human auditory brain structure is not fully mature until approximately age 15. The less developed a child’s auditory brain center, the clearer the sound needs to be. Background classroom noise can interfere with their ability to discriminate sounds and words.

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