People Who Talk to Themselves Increase Their Fluency

Posted on March 18 2015

Do you ever talk to yourself aloud? You'll see people in the grocery aisles deliberating something with themselves aloud everyday. Why do we feel the need to speak to ourselves aloud - well it's simple - we are often times better able to problem solve and understand things when we say them verbally.

The same is true about learning which is why the Toobaloo is the perfect educational tool for your students and children. By simply reading to themsevles aloud, the Toobaloo provides crystal-clear auditory feedback so children can correct and adjust any mispronunciation and fluency while reading. The Toobaloo helps children increase their fluency, decoding skills, comprehension and pronunciation by hearing themsevles read. It's an easy and fun solution to a sometimes daunting challenge.


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