Set Classroom Rules that Stick

Posted on September 04 2015

Set Classroom Rules that Stick

The best way to get your students to respect the classroom rules is to make sure they have a role in developing them. Start with these basic steps:
-Give them a few basic rules to start (i.e.: respect people and property)
-Ask for Additional Rules and Have the Class Vote on the Top 5
-Make Sure the Rules are in the Children's' Language and are Specific
-Have the Children Decide the Repercussion for Disobeying the Rules
-Make sure your classroom rules list is short, written in a language the children understand and ensure a safe and effective learning environment.

Make sure you "teach" the rules. Go through each one, how the class decided upon it, why it's important and what the penalty is for disobeying the rule. This helps set everyone at the same level of knowledge and expectations. Now you're ready to get start the year off right!


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