• Natillie Q

    Posted on May 12 2016

    My students love using the whisper phone for Daily 5 word work! The bright variety of colors was an added bonus!!

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  • Heather P

    Posted on April 12 2016

    My daughter absolutely loves it!

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  • Michelle P

    Posted on March 22 2016

    I use these for my students to keep their eyes focused as well as to eliminate eye fatigue. The colors tone down the extreme of black letters on white paper....

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  • Melanie C

    Posted on March 19 2016

    Well-made, sturdy and perfect width for children's books, as well as adult books. The selection of colors are appreciated because it addresses the varying needs of the children. Great purchase!...

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  • Karen S

    Posted on January 23 2016

    I have used these items in the past and know that they are so helpful for my young students to read. I am watching to see if I need an...

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  • Amy W

    Posted on January 18 2016

    I previously purchased a similar product but they were all the same color. The students love the multicolored options your product offers. Thanks for shipping them so quickly.

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  • Lisa C

    Posted on December 19 2015

    I was shocked at how fast I got it in the mail!

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  • Sophia R

    Posted on December 09 2015

    The students love it!  They are more engaged with their reading.

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  • Brenda F

    Posted on November 04 2015

    Good time and great price

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  • Chelsea P

    Posted on October 22 2015

    I have two students with dyslexia. They are in high school, and this is the first functional intervention they have ever received. I had to spend my own money to...

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  • Susanne W

    Posted on October 22 2015

    I have just given these to my twin girls 8 yrs old. 1 has an auditory processing disorder. they both like them, but i am trying to encourage them to...

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  • Cristina C

    Posted on October 20 2015

    My third graders love their Eye Lighters. Great way to keep them reading and on task. Thanks for the great service.

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  • Melissa L

    Posted on October 08 2015

    We learned about this item from my daughter's speech therapist. My daughter was getting bored with speech, and this has made it fun again for her. She is 4. Only...

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  • Andrea B

    Posted on October 07 2015

    I do like the eye lighters but I am not sure they are any more effective than the strips of cardboard my students use to track their reading

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  • Jamie P

    Posted on July 14 2015

    I use it to help my voice students who have tuning issues. It works like a charm!

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  • Monica M

    Posted on April 01 2015

    Students seem to really like the eye lighter. It helps them focus on what they are reading and track their reading as well.

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  • Katie R

    Posted on March 06 2015

    I am a reading teacher. These work great! I can't wait to order more!

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