Eye Lighter - Purple 6/pk

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The Eye Lighter highlights multiple lines of text or underlines a single sentence to aid eye tracking, improve reading comprehension and reading fluency. Use it to help with reading focus, speed reading or as a tool in different reading strategies aimed at improving overall reading skills such as fluency.

Choose from six, friendly colors and let students select the most pleasant color for their individual preferences.

Who uses the Eye Lighter?

  • Struggling Readers
  • Readers with Eye Tracking Issues
  • Reading Teachers
  • Parents
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Readers at All Levels for Focus

    Increase a reader’s:

    • Focus
    • Concentration
    • Confidence
    • Fluency
    • Comprehension

    Reduce frustration and save time by helping readers follow sentence paths and reduce the frustration of losing place or rereading lines. The color options help create focus and limit the reader’s area of concentration which, in turn, increases comprehension and fluency.

    What Color?

    Now Available in Six Colors:  Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange and Purple.

    What color works best?  Each person responds to color differently so we offer six eye-pleasing colors so you can choose the one that works best. To determine the best color for you or a student, simply have a reader select their favorite color and then let them use it to read. Evaluate how well it worked and continue selecting colors until they find the one that works the best. Their color selection may also be determined by the amount of light in the reading area, paper color and text color.

    Eye Tracking

    What is an Eye Tracking Problem?

    In order to see properly, the eyes must move accurately, smoothly and quickly from one target to another target. When reading, the eyes must move from word to word the same way.

    An eye movement problem is present when a child's visual system has not developed as expected. The result is that tracking is inaccurate, slow and may interfere with reading and school performance.

    A child who has good decoding skills and a normal sight vocabulary may still experience problems when reading for comprehension. If so, a tracking problem is one possible factor that should be investigated.

    Tracking problems actually have more of an impact on learning than vision problems. Unfortunately, most school vision screenings are only designed to detect vision problems. Very few school screenings even test for tracking disorders.

    Problems and Symptoms Associated with Eye Tracking Problems

    • Frequent Loss of Place or Skipping Lines when Reading
    • Trouble Copying from the Teacher’s Board
    • Using a Finger or Guide when Reading
    • Normal Decoding Skills, but Poor Reading Comprehension
    • Short Attention Span

    How are tracking problems treated?

    Vision Therapy must be used to treat eye movement disorders.

    Vision Therapy is a treatment which involves carefully sequenced activities practiced by the patient. This treatment is designed to develop accurate and efficient eye movements.

    Additional Info

    Two beveled edges.  One for primary print and the other for paperback print.

    Made of high quality plastic for durability.

    Made in the USA

    CPSIA Certified


    Weight: 1.0 oz.

    Dimensions: 6.0” x 1.4” (wxh)

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