What is the Toobaloo?

The Toobaloo is an auditory feedback tool designed for children 4+. It is used to help and improve academic skills such as reading fluency and therapeutic skills such as articulation and pronunciation. The Toobaloo has been used by children diagnosed with autism, speech disorders, dyslexia, and auditory processing disorder with much success.

How does the Toobaloo help?

  • Children receive immediate auditory feedback
  • Build confidence
  • Increase reading fluency

Tips for using the Toobaloo.

Introduce as a telephone

Introduce as a telephone.
Relate the Toobaloo as a telephone. Have the child repeat into the Toobaloo what you recite. Some ideas: "Hello," "My name is … " "I love you."

Hands-free option

Test out hands-free option.
Show the child how the headset is similar to your headset or Bluetooth device by modeling it. Some children tend to prefer one method of use to another.

Make it a game

Make it a game.
Help reluctant readers get motivated to read by using the Toobaloo to make reading fun.

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