6 Apps and Other Tools for Learning Disabilities

Posted on October 22 2019

6 Apps and Other Tools for Learning Disabilities

Discover technology-based and other types of learning tools for speech and dyslexia.







One of the tools for learning disabilities is the Articulation Station app for pronunciation and articulation.   Technology is a significant part of day-to-day life. It can be especially useful when it comes to helping children with learning disabilities, speech problems, and dyslexia. In this post, we’re highlighting a few apps designed to help kids with reading and speech. We’ve also included other useful tools for those times you don’t have a phone or tablet handy.

Check out these apps and other tools for learning disabilities concentrated on speech and dyslexia:

  1. Articulation Station app
  2. Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic app
  3. Clicker Docs app
  4. Easy Spelling Aid app
  5. Toobaloo
  6. Eye Lighter

Keep reading to learn more about these reading and speech tools for kids with learning disabilities.

Articulation Station app

Articulation Station is an app that provides exercises, games, and stories to help kids improve pronunciation and articulation. It focuses on individual letter sounds and how they form words and phrases. With over 1,000 target words, they will always have new sounds to experiment with and learn.

Articulation Station also allows tracking of up to six different users’ progress, making it a helpful learning tool for parents, teachers, and speech professionals. It is designed to help children with learning disabilities in kindergarten through second grade improve their speech.

You can try the free version of the app, or you can purchase the pro version for $59.99 to gain access to all letter sounds and target words. Articulation Station is available on the Apple App Store® store and can be used on the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®.

Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic app

Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic is described as an educational experience geared toward helping kids with early phonics. Like Articulation Station, Reading Magic focuses on teaching individual letter sounds and using these sounds to form short words.

This tool for learning disabilities takes classic phonics books and makes them come alive. Kids match letters to words or spell out words using the correct letters selected from a larger group. Completing these tasks adds color to the different objects within the picture. Once a child completes the sentence, the entire image becomes colorful and fully animated. It’s a fun way to keep them engaged with the app and eager for more!

Reading Magic is an excellent introduction to pronunciation for students with learning disabilities and can be a useful learning tool for speech and dyslexia. This app is designed for children in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade and beyond, and is appropriate for anyone who needs a gentle introduction to phonics. You can purchase the app for just $1.99 in both Apple Apps® and Google Play® stores, and it’s compatible with Android® and Apple® devices.

Clicker Docs app

Clicker Docs is a word processing app designed to assist students with learning disabilities improve their written expression. Kids can type and save their work right in the app or import work they’ve done elsewhere, like on their desktop computer.

Clicker Docs provides a myriad of features to help students with speech and dyslexia. It plays back sentences aloud after a student finishes typing so they can catch mistakes they might have missed, and fix them on the spot. It also provides word banks that suggest words as kids write – and even predicts words based on phonetics and spelling. These features can help students with dyslexia expand their vocabulary.

This app is geared towards children in third grade and above as they begin regularly having to complete writing assignments at school. It’s made specifically for iPads and can be purchased from Apple Apps® for $54.99. Despite the cost, this learning tool can be a game-changer for students with dyslexia when used in conjunction with other support.

Easy Spelling Aid app (with translator and dyslexia support)

Easy Spelling Aid was named one of the top 25 educational apps of 2018 by homeschooling experts. Despite the app’s simplicity, it deserves recognition for its usefulness for kids with learning disabilities.

This learning tool for speech and dyslexia allows users to say a word they want to spell into the microphone. Then, the app displays the word on the screen in both capital and lowercase letters. It also offers special fonts to help users with dyslexia. Easy Spelling Aid app also accurately recognizes multiple languages, so anyone can experience the benefits.

Easy Spelling aid is available on Android, Apple, and Kindle® products for just $2.99.

The next two tools for learning disabilities can be used in conjunction with or instead of the apps mentioned above.


The Toobaloo Whisper Phone is one of the learning tools for speech and dyslexia.

The Toobaloo is a whisper phone designed to help kids improve speech, reading, and comprehension. It allows children to speak softly into one end while listening to the clarity and rhythm of their words through the other. The instant auditory feedback from this learning tool encourages children with learning disabilities to make immediate adjustments to their pronunciation and fluency.

The Toobaloo Whisper Phone is an excellent and inexpensive learning tool for kids working to improve stuttering, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. Check out these fun whisper phone reading activities that you can try with the Toobaloo.

Eye Lighter

Eye Lighter is another learning tool aimed at helping students with learning disabilities. This colored overlay tool for reading can be used to highlight multiple lines of a paragraph or underline a single sentence to aid with eye-tracking.

Eye Lighter comes in six different colors for students to choose from as well as an assorted pack with multiple colors.

These are just some of the many apps and tools for learning disabilities that can make a difference in your child’s or student’s life. You’ll find them useful in a classroom, at home, or even in a speech therapy setting to help kids with their reading and speech.

To shop the Toobaloo Whisper Phone and other learning tools for kids, visit our online store today or call 877.819.2541.


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