How to Get Rid of Stuttering in Children

Posted on April 12 2017

How to Get Rid of Stuttering in Children

5 Stutter-defeating methods that promote confidence and fluency.

If you have a child that stutters and you’re wondering how to get rid of stuttering, remaining optimistic is the first step – then confidence and fluency will follow. While it may sound easier said than done, there are a wealth of stutter-defeating methods at your fingertips to give you the support you need. Here are our top five methods to fix stuttering:

1. Don't blame yourself or your child

This method is crucial. Stuttering is a neurological problem that makes it harder to speak fluidly. It’s not easy to control. Reassurance, reminders that incredibly successful and famous people have struggled with stuttering and patience can work wonders. Blaming creates stress – and the lower your child's stress level, the easier it is to get rid of stuttering! 

2. Speak slowly and clearly

Stress from social cues or a rushed feeling makes children nervous, which often exacerbates a stuttering problem. Make it a point to slow down and speak clearly, even if you're frustrated. Your child will feel more encouraged to slow down, relax, and try again. Modeling calm and slow speech is far more effective than telling him or her to slow down. 

3. Provide auditory feedback when reading or speaking

Direct auditory feedback helps children hear what they sound like so they can make adjustments right away. Fun and easy-to-use devices, like CPSIA-certified Toobaloo, uses a specially designed shape in colorful, break-resistant plastic to route crystal-clear sound straight from your child's mouth to his or her ear. This instant auditory feedback tool offers parents and teachers an inexpensive option for getting rid of stuttering in children.  

4. See a speech therapist

When stuttering has a noticeable impact on a child's ability to communicate and results in embarrassment or frustration, it's time to get help. Talking to a professional speech therapist (not just a family physician or pediatrician) is the best way to determine how to help your child overcome the challenge of stuttering. The earlier stuttering children receive help, the easier it is to get rid of it. 

5. Offer loads of encouragement

Children with stutters often use language less because they're embarrassed or ashamed of their hesitations. Encourage children to speak often, maintain eye contact, and don't interrupt them when they're speaking. Making sure that children feel comfortable speaking – even using words and phrases that are difficult for them – is vital to their success in fixing their stuttering problem.

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