How to Build a Confident Reader

Posted on March 20 2018

How to Build a Confident Reader

Techniques and tips for building your child’s reading skills.

Build reading confidence in your child with kid-friendly reading tools.

A confident reader is a life-long reader. If you would like to build reading confidence in your child and are unsure where to start, the techniques below can help remove the guesswork. Learn how to build a confident reader with these tips:

1. Use kid-friendly reading tools

There are a variety of exciting kid-friendly reading tools that can help build reading confidence in children, including the Toobaloo, a whisper phone and reading helper for kids, and Eyelighter. The teacher-designed Toobaloo provides auditory feedback to increase fluency and comprehension, while the Eyelighter highlights multiple lines of text or underlines a single sentence to aid eye tracking. Both are available in a variety of colors and are especially fun for kids to use.

2. Make reading part of your routine

Choose a time for you and your child to read each day. Whether reading time is at breakfast, dinner, or before bed, incorporating reading into your child’s routine will help them develop a regular reading habit and give them something to look forward to each day.

3. Read more than books

Books are just one way to develop a love of reading. To build a confident reader, introduce your child to other literary forms, like magazines, newspapers, comic books, trading cards, word games on the back of cereal boxes, recipes, and more. The possibilities are endless!

4. Create a reading nook

Find a spot in your living room, den, or child’s bedroom to create a reading space, and make sure it has cozy seating and ample lighting. A designated reading nook can give your child a comfortable hideaway where they can confidently indulge in a good book.

Get inspired by these creative (and cute!) reading spaces for kids.

5. Visit the library

The library is a wonderful free resource that can help you build your child’s reading confidence. Not only will your child have access to an almost endless supply of new books and authors, but they can also participate in story hours and literacy programs.

Find a local public library near you.

6. Play reading games

Reading games can be amusing and help your child become more comfortable and confident with reading. From board games to online games – and fun activities you can do at home – encourage your child to have a ball while learning to read.

7. Read to pets and babies

It may seem silly but encouraging your child to read to a pet or an infant sibling can help boost their confidence in reading. These innocent creatures don’t judge, correct, or interrupt – a perfect audience for your budding little reader to hone his skills.

8. Give praise

No matter the progress, always remember how far your child has come in their reading journey. Whether their milestones are small or large, offer abundant praise and encouragement as they learn to become more secure in their reading abilities.

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Building a confident reader can be fun and easy when you follow these techniques and tips. To shop reading helper tools for kids that are designed to help build your child’s reading confidence, visit our online store or call 877.819.2541 to talk with our customer service team today.

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