6 Dyslexia Tools for Adults at School, Work, and Home

Posted on May 14 2019

6 Dyslexia Tools for Adults at School, Work, and Home

Learn about tools and technologies that offer dyslexia help for adults.

Between 5 to 15 percent of Americans have dyslexia, a reading disability that can make it difficult to read, write, and spell. While dyslexia is most often diagnosed in early childhood, these learning struggles often continue into adolescence and adulthood. If you or a loved one experiences dyslexia, discover these dyslexia tools and technologies for adults to use at school, work, and home:



  • Speech-to-text technology
  • Electronic flashcards
  • Lined and graph paper
  • Eyelighter
  • Toobaloo
  • Writing helpers

Keep reading to learn more about tools that offer dyslexia help for adults.

Speech-to-text technology

Reading comprehension is one of the most challenging skills for people with dyslexia. Speech-to-text technology can be a useful option to help with reading words on a page and determining their meaning. There are speech-to-text apps like ClaroSpeak, NaturalReader, and Pocket for smartphones, laptops, or any other digital device for use in the office, classroom, or when performing daily tasks at home.

Electronic flashcards

For continuing education students, one tool that can offer dyslexia help for adults is electronic flashcards. These learning helpers can be an incredibly useful way to retain information for a class, and electronic versions provide the added benefit of read-out-loud technology.

Lined and graph paper

A method that may help make writing and math easier for adults with dyslexia is to use lined and graph paper. Lined paper helps you follow text while also aiding in reading comprehension and writing fluency. Graph paper can make solving math problems and calculations easier because they make it simple to line up numbers correctly.


Another simple tool for casual reading or more advanced classwork is the Eyelighter. This dyslexia tool for children and adults is used to highlight multiple lines of text or underline a single sentence to aid eye tracking and improve reading comprehension.

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The Toobaloo is a whisper phone designed to improve reading fluency and pronunciation skills. Used often by students with autism, speech disorders, dyslexia, and auditory processing disorders, the Toobaloo can assist readers of all ages by providing immediate auditory feedback when reading aloud.

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Writing helpers

Writing helpers like Speller, a phonetic-spelling app that searches a database for the correctly spelled match, is another dyslexia tool for adults. Easy Word Count tracks how many words are written in real-time, which can be useful for assignments or office work that requires writing in a specific word count. Lastly, Mental Note is a digital note-taking app that offers a multi-sensory experience.

These dyslexia tools for adults can be useful at home, in the office, or in the classroom. For more tools and tips, continue reading our blog.

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