4 Benefits of Using Fluency Phones

Posted on January 08 2019

4 Benefits of Using Fluency Phones

Discover reasons to use this reading helper for kids.

One benefit of using fluency phones is that it improves phonemic awareness.Fluency phones, also called whisper phones, can be a useful reading helper for kids both in and outside of the classroom. This simple-to-use and inexpensive tool provides several key benefits for early or struggling readers, including:
  1. Improves phonemic awareness
  2. Increases comprehension of reading material
  3. Lowers overall noise level and teaches quiet voice
  4. Builds confident readers of all skill levels

Keep reading to learn more about each of these benefits of using fluency phones as a reading helper for kids. 

1. Improves phonemic awareness 

When children speak into a fluency phone like the Toobaloo, their voice is directly funneled into their ear, which helps them focus on hearing the sounds they are making. This improved phonemic awareness sets students up for success in the future with speech, reading, spelling, and comprehension as they continue to develop a more extensive vocabulary and improve their reading and speaking skills. 

2. Increases comprehension of reading material

Fluency phones are a beneficial reading helper for kids because they encourage children to make their way through a story slowly. By staying present and focused on the reading activity, it can help them gain a better understanding of the material. This increased understanding can enhance their comprehension and future reading experiences.

Lowers overall noise level and teaches quiet voice 

By necessity, children who use fluency phones will learn to speak in a whisper or very quiet voice. If a child tries to use a normal volume, the sound in their ear will be uncomfortably loud. A lowering of speech volume teaches students to develop ‘quiet voices’ for indoor settings. It can also help reduce the overall noise level inside a classroom and at home as children read aloud to themselves. 

4. Builds confident readers of all skill levels

Fluency phones can help young struggling readers gain confidence in their reading ability as they master new skills. Children who tend to feel embarrassed or even ashamed of reading aloud may find more joy and excitement in it when using a fluency phone to aid their speech, flow, and comprehension.

Find more ways to build a confident reader here.

These four benefits of fluency phones show that these reading helpers for kids can be useful for both early and struggling readers alike. Discover how to select a whisper phone for your child or classroom here.

To help the children in your life who struggle with reading or speech, shop our affordable Toobaloo whisper phones collection online or call our customer service team at 877.819.2541. For more tools, tips, and tricks, continue reading our blog.

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