6 Fun Activities to Help Kids Read at Home

Posted on November 27 2017

6 Fun Activities to Help Kids Read at Home

Build a better reader in your child with these playful at-home reading activities.

When it comes to reading, some kids learn quickly and devour books like candy, while others take their time learning this important skill. Whether your child has an innate love for reading or hasn’t yet mastered it, you can help them read more at home. Here are some reading activities for your kids that aren’t only helpful – they’re fun!




1. Cooking helper

You are elbow deep in a mixing bowl, but what comes next? Don’t fumble with that recipe book – call your kid! Children love to be helpful. And by asking for their assistance, you not only show them that you trust them, but you are also helping them practice reading.

2. Movie reviewer

Before you choose a movie for tonight’s family time, ask your child to look up online reviews and read them aloud. Your little reader may not even notice they’re honing their reading skills while doing something they enjoy.

3. Family letter writer

The holiday season is upon us and you need to send out a family letter outlining everything your family has been up to this year. What may seem like a chore to you can turn into a fun learning experience for your kids. Let them write, design, and print this year’s update.

4. List lover

Some people just love making lists! If your child is not yet a list-maker, encourage him or her to generate their holiday wish list. Encourage them to write down reasons they want each item and how they plan to use them. Then ask them to read the list aloud to grandparents and other family members.

5. Partner reader

Most kids adore snuggling up with a parent in the evenings and listening to a good book. One way to help kids read is to work together. You read one page and she reads the next. Or you read one chapter and she reads the next one to you.

6. Tool tester

Try our innovative and kid-friendly reading and speech tools to help nurture your child’s reading abilities. Created to be just as attractive as they are effective, items like the Toobaloo and Eye Lighter offer instant auditory feedback and visual tracking. Pick up these inexpensive and fun-to-use products and test how they work when reading at home.

Reading can be an enjoyable pastime. Make it fun for your child to discover the fun with these activities to help kids read at home. For more unique educational speech and reading tools, shop our product collection or contact our customer service department online or by phone at 877.819.2541.

Does your child love reading? Learn to set reading goals to keep their skills fresh.


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