5 Summer Reading Goals to Help Kids Read More

Posted on June 21 2017

5 Summer Reading Goals to Help Kids Read More

How to keep reading skills from going cold when the weather heats up.

One of our summer reading goals to help kids read better is to go to the library weekly.

Encouraging children to keep reading during the summertime helps skill development and promote greater involvement in the world around them. These summer reading goals and tips will help kids read more this summer – and love it.

1. Go to the library every week

A weekly trip to a library near you gives kids a chance to regularly peruse various subjects and choose books on topics that interest them. Give them free reign among the age-appropriate options to expand their horizons and pique their curiosity about the world. Initiate a discussion about each book and design fun activities that illustrate key concepts and ideas in each book.  

2. Establish a reward system

Though your goal should never be to bribe kids to read, a reward system for pages or books read can be motivating and fun! A pizza and ice cream dinner or an allowance to purchase a new book in your local bookstore after meeting a benchmark make memorable rewards. Kid-friendly reading accessories that make reading easier, like bookmarks and a colorful Eye Lighter, also make enjoyable prizes for accomplishing a summer reading goal.

3. Keep a summer reading log

Some kids love keeping a reading log, especially in conjunction with reading goal #2. When adding a new book to the log, ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the book, and to assign a rating to each one by placing shiny star stickers beside the titles: one star for books they didn't like that much, and three for books they loved. At the end of the summer, review the log and marvel at all the summer books she or he read.

4. Explore summer reading programs

Many libraries offer summer reading programs that reward students for meeting milestones. Getting involved in these activities can be fun for kids, and a great motivator to go to the library often. The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and Book-It! programs also help kids read more frequently and foster an interactive reading community.

5. Make reading a ritual

Setting aside 20-30 minutes of reading time each day, whether it's before bed, after lunch, or any time that fits into your family’s schedule ensures that kids make a regular commitment to enjoying their favorite books. Try taking turns reading a page aloud to each other using the practical and inexpensive CPSIA-certified Toobaloo, a tool that offers auditory feedback and promotes better reading skills. And remember, making time for books you love models a life of engagement with literature. 

No matter what summer reading goals you help your kids set, the sky’s the limit to the skills and interests that can develop when school’s out. Let your child’s imagination run wild as he or she explores a whole new world! To learn more about our satisfaction-guaranteed tools that help kids read, shop our USA-made learning tools online or contact our customer service team today.


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