6 Classroom Tips for the End of the School Year

Posted on April 17 2019

6 Classroom Tips for the End of the School Year 

Learn how teachers and students can finish the academic year strong.

These six tips for the end of the school year can ensure teachers and students finish the academic year strong.

The end of the school year is an exciting, busy, and sometimes hectic time for students and teachers alike. As you begin to wrap up final lesson plans and prepare to say goodbye to your class for the summer, consider taking a moment to create a final-days strategy. These classroom tips for the end of the school year will help you to end on a high note: 

  1. Develop end-of-year goals
  2. Complete student reflections
  3. Communicate with parents
  4. Plan fun educational activities
  5. Don't finish too early
  6. Enjoy the moment

Keep reading to learn more about each of these tips for the end of the school year. 

  • 1. Develop end-of-year goals 

  • Near the end of the year, it can be easy to fall into a routine and remain on autopilot. However, consider making the last few weeks of school count by having each of your students set one or two end-of-year goals. These goals should be challenging, but reachable within the amount of time left in the year. Some examples include moving up a level in reading, having positive behavior days, or completing a class-wide creativity project. These student-set goals can help ensure both you and your class remains present and excited amidst the end-of-the-year hustle and bustle. 

  • 2. Complete student reflections

  • Look back at the past nine or so months of school with student reflections. Consider asking your class open and fun questions like “what activity did you enjoy the most this year?” or “what was your favorite unit?” These reflections can help your students remember lessons they may have forgotten from earlier in the year and provide an opportunity to review concepts that may have gone hazy. 

    3. Communicate with parents

    Take the time to have one last discussion with the parents of kids who struggled in your class. This one-on-one time can give you the chance to provide advice and resources for ways they can help their children prepare for the next school year over the summer months. Consider passing along these fun activities to help kids read at home or suggesting tools like the Toobaloo whisper phone that can help make practicing reading easier over summer break

    4. Plan fun educational activities

    Keep your students moving and thinking with educational games and activities that are fun and engaging. Consider developing a class scavenger hunt, making arts and crafts, or taking a nature walk. These activities are more hands-on than most traditional lesson plans, but also can teach students critical thinking and creativity skills that they will need later in life.   

    Check out our article on how to make reading fun for exciting ways to motivate kids to get carried away in a book. 

  • 5. Don’t finish too early

  • One mistake that some teachers can make at the end of the year is wrapping up their lesson plans too soon. If students know they won’t be learning new material during the last week or more of school, it may be harder to keep them focused and engaged. Instead, consider aligning your curriculum as closely as possible to the last day of school, with time left for final day reflections and activities as needed. 

    6. Enjoy the moment

    While the final weeks of school can be incredibly busy and often stressful for teachers, remember to take a step back and enjoy the moment with your students. Instead of counting down the moments until summer, think about ways to show appreciation for the hard work you and your students put in this year and the many special memories you created together. Depending on your school district, your students may be moving on to a different building or school next year, so leave them with lasting memories of appreciation as the final bell rings.  

    These classroom tips for the end of the school year will ensure both you and your students finish the academic year strong. For more tools, tips, and tricks, continue reading our blog.

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