How to Stop Stuttering with Stuttering Modification Therapy

Posted on July 19 2017

How to Stop Stuttering with Stuttering Modification Therapy

Discover how this treatment approach offers effective help for stutterers.

Stuttering modification therapy is an effective direct treatment approach.For kids who stutter, everyday interactions can pose challenges. Stuttering modification therapy is one treatment option to help stutterers cope by teaching specific techniques that help children stutter "more easily." If you’re wondering how to stop stuttering, read on to find out more about the basics of this approach.

The theory behind stuttering modification therapy is that by recognizing the stuttering and working with it, it's possible to remove tension from verbal exchanges. Speech therapists teach children techniques to control stuttering and "stutter on purpose," thereby reducing tension and stress, and increasing fluency. This theory runs counter to Fluency Shaping, a strategy that offers techniques aimed at eliminating stuttering altogether. Some speech therapists believe that a little of both stuttering modification therapy and fluency shaping make a perfect balance

Stuttering Modification Strategies

Stuttering modification techniques to modify stutters range from "catching the stutter" to exaggerating stutters in a controlled way, and include:

  • Voluntary Stuttering
    Children are instructed to stutter on purpose to remove some of the tension and negative feelings that come up when children find themselves stuttering unexpectedly. The goal is to desensitize the child to moments of disfluency, so they're not overwhelmed when they happen. 
  • Bouncing
    Children are encouraged to direct their stutters into repeating the actual syllable at the beginning of the word before going on to say the full word: "tay-tay-table," for instance, rather than "tuh-tuh-table." In time, this leads to sliding into words without stutters: "mmmmilk." 
  • Cancellations
    Stutterers learn to become more aware of disfluencies in their speech by pausing completely when they notice they've started stuttering. The teacher-developed Toobaloo can be very helpful when practicing cancellations at home or a speech therapy session. By offering immediate, direct auditory feedback, this speech-enhancing tool allows stutterers to hear themselves more clearly so they can recognize and correct disfluencies when they happen.

Is Stuttering Modification Right for Your Child?

Talking to a speech therapist is the best way to develop a game plan to get stuttering help for your child. They might suggest a blend of stuttering modification therapies and fluency-enhancing techniques that help kids accept and destigmatize stuttering, as they work toward eliminating it altogether.

Figuring out how to stop stuttering in your child can be challenging, but arming yourself with support, knowledge, and useful tools can make all the difference. Get help for your child’s stuttering by shopping our USA-made speech therapy tools that are satisfaction guaranteed or call at 877.819.2541 to speak with our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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