Homemade Whisper Phones vs the Toobaloo

Posted on August 28 2019

Homemade Whisper Phones vs the Toobaloo

Compare the differences to discover which of these whisper phones is right for your child or student.

If you know a child struggling with reading or speech, you’ve probably done your fair share of research on whisper phones. You may have also run into several product options and a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials. To help you decide which whisper phone is best for you, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • Why choose a whisper phone?
  • What are homemade whisper phones?
  • What is a Toobaloo whisper phone?
  • What is the difference between these two types of whisper phones?

Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions about whisper phones below.

Why choose a whisper phone?

Before we dive into the differences between homemade whisper phones and the Toobaloo, let’s review the benefits of a whisper phone as a learning tool.

Whisper phones are small, auditory feedback devices that are shaped like a toy phone. Children speak softly into one end and can listen to the clarity and rhythm through the other end. This instant feedback allows them to make immediate adjustments. Whisper phones can help any child who needs extra help with reading, pronunciation, and even comprehension. These educational tools are especially helpful for children struggling with:

  • Stuttering                                                       
  • Dyslexia
  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
  • Autism
  • Other special needs

Whisper phones are a useful educational tool that can help kids gain confidence in their reading or speaking ability, whether practicing individual or group learning activities. They are versatile too. You can use them at home, school, or in a speech therapists’ office – anywhere your child is practicing reading and speech.

Next, we’ll cover the basics of homemade whisper phones, the Toobaloo, and discuss the differences between them.  

What are homemade whisper phones?

Whisper phones are a popular DIY project for parents and teachers because of the usefulness and perceived simplicity of the product. Many homemade versions are designed using PVC pipe, elbow pieces, and duct tape. Once assembled, the product is meant to mimic the toy-phone shape associated with auditory feedback devices like the Toobaloo.

To make homemade whisper phones, you must cut PVC pipe and connect it to two elbow pieces to achieve the proper shape and utility of a whisper phone. Then, different colored duct tape is used to decorate the PVC pipe to make each phone appealing to the child using it. Some homemade whisper phones are also accented with spray paint or stickers. These DIY versions are usually assembled in large quantities for classrooms or clinics on a budget.

What is the Toobaloo whisper phone?

Homemade whisper phones do not come with safety certifications like the Toobaloo.

The Toobaloo whisper phone is made of one piece of smooth, lightweight, and break-resistant plastic that is shaped into a toy-like phone. Made in the USA, these whisper phones are a manageable size for children to use and come in a variety of kid-friendly colors. The Toobaloo is a prime example of a professionally made whisper phone. Next, let’s discuss the critical differences between a Toobaloo and a homemade whisper phone.

What's the difference?

It’s important to note that both homemade whisper phones and the Toobaloo can be extremely useful in helping children with an abundance of different speech and hearing difficulties. However, there are some factors to consider if you plan on a DIY version instead of choosing the Toobaloo. As you’ll see, the Toobaloo stands a cut above its homemade counterparts.

  • Product support

First, the Toobaloo comes with access to product support from learning tool specialists. When you can call or email us, expect a quick response from a real person who is highly qualified to answer any of your product questions.

  • Certified Safe

      The simple design of our learning tool lends itself to DIY look-a-likes, but the Toobaloo is certified safe for your child to use. It doesn’t have any of the potential safety hazards that can come with PVC and other DIY materials. The Toobaloo also complies with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement (CPSI) Act 2008 ruling on lead phthalates content.

      • Easy to clean

          Toobaloo whisper phones can be cleaned easily using dish soap and water, or even on the top rack of the dishwasher. Unfortunately, it can be tough to properly wash homemade whisper phones without compromising the adhesive on the duct tape or stickers.

          • No assembly required 
          Homemade whisper phones require a bit of craftiness and assembly to make them work. The Toobaloo, on the other hand, comes in one already-assembled piece. Once it arrives, you can begin using it right away.
          • Cost-effective
            Coming in at just $5.95 apiece – even less when you buy in bulk – Toobaloo whisper phones are ideal for the budget-conscious parent, teacher, and therapist. They may be just as cost-effective, if not more, than a homemade version (after considering the price of materials and your time to assemble).
            • Made in the USA

                We manufacture Toobaloo whisper phones and our other educational learning tools here in the USA. We work closely with our partner facilities to ensure that our products meet high quality-control standards.

                Lastly, Toobaloo whisper phones are kid, parent, and teacher approved! They come in nine different colors that kids love (including neon), and parents and teachers can’t get enough of their usefulness.

                There’s no doubt about it: whisper phones can be invaluable tools for a child struggling with reading or speech. They help kids feel more confident as they develop critical learning skills. Whether you decide to use a homemade whisper phone or a Toobaloo, consider the product comparison outlined in this post to help choose the best option for your child.

                For more articles on the Toobaloo and educational learning tools for kids, visit our blog today.

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