How to Make Reading Fun

Posted on April 23 2018

How to Make Reading Fun

9 Exciting ways to motivate your child to pick up a book and read.

Do you remember the first time a book carried you away to a faraway land – when you lost track of time as you turned each page faster than the one before? The love of reading is an enduring gift that can boost our imaginations, sharpen our senses, and expand our hearts. In celebration of Reading is Fun Week, invite your little ones to explore the magic of books. This list of exciting ideas will show you how to make reading fun for your child.

1. Write and illustrate a bedtime story

Encourage your child to write and illustrate their own bedtime story. They can draw illustrations on a few pages, write text below each illustration, and read the story to you once you’ve secured the pages together.

2. Sing a funny story

If your child loves to sing, suggest a funny rhyming story and ask them to sing it instead of reading it as a fun reading activity. Dancing along can make it even more memorable!

3. Act out a book character

While reading a book, ask your child to imagine what it would be like to be one of the characters. What facial expressions would they have? What would they wear? They can even dress up in costume as their favorite hero or villain. Pretending to be a book character is one of the best ways to teach reading and comprehension.

4. Join a book club

You can find book clubs for children at your local library, book store, or community center. As part of a group, your child can make new friends, participate in discussions, and even earn prizes for reading.

5. Plan book-related field trips

Taking your child on a book-related field trip can amp up their excitement about reading. Visiting the zoo, ice cream shop, shopping mall, or any other setting mentioned in their book is an exciting way to develop a love for reading.

6. Make treats mentioned in books

Making a sweet treat that was mentioned in a book is a yummy reading reward. If a book discusses freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, for example, plan to bake up a batch together after they’ve finished reading the book.

7. Create a book treasure hunt

Another way to make reading fun is to send your child on a treasure hunt – and make the treasure a new book or props related to a book they’re reading. Leave clues that lead them around the house to discover it in a place they wouldn’t expect.

8. Read in a tent

Create a makeshift tent by draping a large blanket over pillows or the couch. Then, snuggle up in the tent with your child and enjoy a good book together. You will create fun  memories together that will last a lifetime!

9. Use the Toobaloo

The Toobaloo is a type of whisper phone that allows children to speak softly into it as they read. Not only are they available in kid-friendly colors, but the Toobaloo will enable children to improve reading fluency, pronunciation, and comprehension – all while having fun!

There are many ways to make reading fun for kids. Give these ideas a try and see which one helps your child enjoy the experience the most. To shop our educational speech and reading tools that can make reading even more fun, check out our collection today. Have questions? Contact our customer service department online or by phone at 877.819.2541.

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